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Good practises

To enrich your knowledge, this section provides different intervention models that promote efficient communication and partnership between the person with a mental illness, their family and the care team.

Centre d’apprentissage Santé et Rétablissement (CASR) [French only]

Inspired by the Recovery College model implemented in 22 countries, including England and Australia, CASR is the very first francophone centre of its kind in Canada. It promotes a popular educational approach where everyone has free access to training on ways to better live together as well as individual and collective well-being.

Experiential knowledge is at the heart of the centre’s training activities. The expertise of all learners, regardless of their level of education or professional status, is mobilized through active learning methods. The activities are co-facilitated by two trainers, one drawing upon experiential knowledge from their own life and the other drawing upon clinical or theoretical expertise.

Link to their website : https://oraprdnt.uqtr.uquebec.ca/pls/public/gscw031?owa_no_site=5859

Quebec Online Suicide Prevention Service

Quebec Online Suicide Prevention Service, an AQPS initiative

A free, bilingual, confidential and reassuring service

The goal of this service is to prevent suicide through the use of digital technologies, by informing and assisting people vulnerable to suicide, their loved ones and those bereaved by suicide. It helps people of all ages to reduce suicidal thoughts, learn coping strategies and regain hope. The site is also a reference for those who work with the target clientele.

Online chat service

Available Wednesday to Sunday from 4 to 11 p.m. Initially only available via computer, as of the end of November, a new application will make it possible to chat using a cell phone or tablet. suicide.ca

A ton of practical information

The website provides information to help you take stock of your mental health, talk to loved ones and find resources as well as learn to better manage problems such as anxiety, depression, addiction, financial difficulties or grief. suicide.ca

Because family and friends matter!

In order to ensure the best mental health practises for members of its local region, the West Island Health and Social Services Centre (CIUSSS) has produced a series of four videos promoting the involvement of family and friends in the recovery process of people suffering from a mental health problem. A page specifically dedicated to family and friends has also been integrated on the CIUSSS website.

Three West Island organizations, Friends for Mental Health, AMI-Quebec and PABEMSOM (Parents et Amis du Bien-être Mental du Sud-ouest de Montréal), are proud to have worked closely on this project.

French version

English version

Online videos

CIUSSS Facebook Page [French only]

AQPS | Suicide Prevention Training

The Association Québécoise de Prévention du Suicide (AQPS) develops and implements suicide prevention training programs that take into account good intervention practices and pedagogical strategies deemed effective in transferring knowledge. It offers more than ten training products to meet the needs of the professionals they are intended for, thus enabling them to identify suicidal individuals and respond with the necessary skills and posture. Each training course is developed in partnership with professionals in the field and is helping to meet the growing demand for this type of training throughout Quebec.

CERRIS-CNESM Project | Within Reach, Best Practices in Recovery-oriented Rehabilitation | For FAMILIES AND CLOSE FRIENDS [French only]

For members of mental health community support teams (SIV and SIM) and anyone interested in reflecting on the various roles that families and close friends play in supporting their loved ones. Provided in partnership with the health care network.

AQIISM | Best Practices

This resource provides guides, protocols and tools to help you strive for excellence in your practice.

CISSS Chaudière-Appalaches | L’Envol: Support for depression self-care [French only]

The Chaudière-Appalaches Integrated Health and Social Services Centre has developed an innovative program to treat depression. Based on best practices, this 12-week process includes 4 components.

Relief | Self-Management Workshops

Relief offers workshops that take a self-management approach to learning how to live with anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder as well as develop better self-esteem or balance at work. The goal of these workshops is to come away with concrete strategies and tools that can help you regain power over your mental health in your everyday life. These workshops provide exercises and practice in developing behaviours to help reduce symptoms, identify warning signs and prevent relapse.

Projet Barometre

Projet Barometre is a collaborative tool that highlights the strengths and progress of individuals in their community.

Réseau Qualaxia | An innovative network that brings people together [French only]

Qualaxia is a network of researchers, experts, decision makers, program managers and clinicians. Their goal is to make a selection of documents they consider particularly relevant to community mental health readily available. They believe that access to quality tools and publications is essential to enabling clinicians, decision makers and researchers to make improvements to community mental health.

Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) | Guide de bonnes pratiques en prévention du suicide à l’intention des intervenants des centres de santé et de services sociaux [French only]

Guide de bonnes pratiques en prévention du suicide à l’intention des intervenants des centres de santé et de services sociaux.

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